Earn $247,000 by spending only $81,000

Problem we solve

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    Buy power bank sharing stations on our website

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    Place the station in a high-traffic location like a restaurant

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    You make profit every time when a user rents one of your power banks

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    People return the power banks to the power bank sharing stations and it is ready for use again

Well over 1000 of our stations are being used daily throughout New York City

We support the entire network, know how to make money from it, understand what users need, and share this knowledge with you

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⠀⠀Easy start

Power bank rent is a low-risk and high-reward business.

Location is Key

Accessibility of a station is what determines its revenue. Even a compact station can bring in $6,000 or more per year if installed properly.

Ready to make your $247,000?

You can set your own rental price

$5, $7, or $10 per rental.
You set the cost.

What makes our power bank sharing station better than a regular vending machine:

High traffic locations can benefit greatly from our power bank stations. Here are a few examples:

Imani Grill

519 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Increase in the average check by almost 12%. Visitors tend to spend more time at the table charging their smartphones, which means they make additional orders.

Osteria La Baia

129 W 52nd St, New York, NY 10019

The number of guests who discovered this restaurant through our app increased by 9.4%. We have also attracted tourists who don't want to compromise on their dining experience. The restaurant's advantageous location near Central Park was also a plus for everyone.

Las Santas

519 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Running out of battery? Let's plan our route and have a lunch! We've noticed that our users are particularly interested in Mexican cuisine restaurants due to our app's route planning feature.



How much will I earn from the station?

In average an installed compact power bank sharing station makes $6,000 a year and a large-scale one makes $20,000 a year

How does the station work?

When people get to the power bank station, they simply scan the QR-code using their phone's camera and they are ready to start using the power bank.

Once people have finished using the power bank, they can return it to any station.

How often will I get paid from the station?

You will receive payments every first day of the month

What is the installation process?

You buy a power bank sharing stations from our website and put it in a high-traffic location. It will take 15-30 minutes for the installation of the station.

How can I track station usage statistics?

You can track your revenue in your personal account in the recharge.partners app. The login and password for your personal account will be emailed to you after
purchase of the stations or you can simply send us email rk@recharge.city and ask

What devices can be charged by the power bank?

There are three type of connectors on each power bank for any device: Apple Lightning, Type-C and Micro-USB.

How large is the station? How much electricity does the station use?

The station is 9x10 inch size.  Electricity Consumption is $0.7 per month

Do the customers  need to add their bank card to the app?

In order to rent a power bank in the Recharge City app, users need to link their bank card for payment or they can use other payment methods such as Apple Pay or Google Pay.

How long can a power bank be rented?

People can rent a power bank for as long as they need it, starting from the moment they rent it until the day they return it to the station. The rental period concludes on the day the power bank is returned.

How much does it cost to buy a power bank?

People can purchase it for $99 in the Recharge City app. When power bank is purchased, you can always order an additional set of power banks. The minimum quantity to order is 20 pieces. Therefore, we recommend you buy an additional set of power banks together with the purchase of the stations.

What can I do if the power bank is bought or stolen?

If power bank is stolen, the customer will be charged every day's rent until they purchase a power bank.

When power bank is purchased, you can always order an additional set of power banks. The minimum quantity to order is 20 pieces. Therefore, we recommend you buy an additional set of power banks together with the purchase of the

Why should I choose Shop.Recharge.city?

Our partner Recharge.city is the largest power bank sharing network in the USA. Therefore our brand and high recognition increases the number of rentals by a factor of 10.

Do I have to buy SIM card or I can apple to any mobile provider by myself?

Our SIM cards are configured to operate the power bank sharing station with a prepaid plan for 5 years. So you don't need to set anything up yourself, the power bank sharing station will be totally ready for use

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Ready to make your $247,000?