5 High-traffic stations + 5 Standard stations + 10 simcards

5 High-traffic stations + 5 Standard stations + 10 simcards

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Station with 48 cells. This type of station is perfect for places with a large concentration of people: shopping centers, business centers, hotels, airports, and so on


Size: 78 inch(H*29 inch(W)*16 inch(L)

Slots number: 48

Color: green

LCD Screen for advertising:#nbsp;advertising, more value-added services,Support

4G+WiFi,Priority WiFi

Static electricity consumption: (24 hours)0.6kw

Brand: Shop

The compact version of the charging station is perfect for all types of establishments: cafes, restaurants, hotels, stores, and so on.

Size: 9 inch(W)*10 inch(H)*8inch(L)

Slots number: 8

Color: white

Static electricity consumption:(24 Hours)0.12kw

Communication network: Inbuilt 4G Module, support global internet

Brand: Shop

SIM-cards for station operation with paid tariff for 5 years

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